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Republican Edward Durr Upsets Most Powerful Democrat In New Jersey, Spent Only $153 On Campaign

Published on 04 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics
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TrumanBurbank 1 year ago

I read somewhere that he actually spent around 5 grand on his campaign, regardless that is atomically low and he's definitely based. Newfound respect for New Jersey after this one!

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1 year ago

I just read in that his opponent, the democrat, suddenly found 12,000 ballots and he's refusing to concede. I hope they don't let them get away with cheating...again.

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DDoubleDD 1 year ago

$153, lol.

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LeniRiefenstahl 1 year ago

Dont ever give to campaigns.. Think of Trump's so grossly over priced! And the dumies fall for it lolz @DDoubleDD

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