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retired police officer talks truth in Alberta Canada (You can NOT unvaccinate)

Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

from my bitchute channel
⁣Listen to this speech from an angry retired policeman and hear what he has to say about Chis Sky, Rocco Galatti, the police force and all of those participating in this organized crime against humanity. Link to a video that states all elections are rigged here:

Home school to keep your children out of school. They want you children dead.

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PlazmaBender 1 month ago

dude is badass,do you know his name?

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Pɪʀᴀᴛᴇ Pᴇᴛᴇ

Agreed, sorry I don't. I got it from 153Newsnet and they rarely add info below the videos there.

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Joel 1 month ago

Chris Sky ---> Rebel Media ---> Ezra Levant. ANYTHING remotely associated with Rebel Media to ANY degree,.........10 second clips on MSM is Jewish fuckery.

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