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Published on 16 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Panterabyte 14
Panterabyte 14 11 months ago

Brilliant piece!! My gratitude to you sir, for your services to our people.

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Commie NIGGER ghost towns

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1 year ago

A good video. I would like to see Viking Age societies come back just for us whites. We never need have a Jew in any of our lands. Once their system of money is ended we will of course have the power to make the decisions that affect our lives. It is only that which corrupts nations, their system of money. The way it is set up is a crime itself because it allows them to always be a King Class in any nation using their system of money. Though many have white skin, Jews are not from the White race. Others around us think they are though, every time watching a movie or news source they are seeing Jews but thinking they are whites. Jews may appear white, black, Asiatic, Indian, Oriental because they are not a race. In their beginning they all had Arabic progenitors and their mothers were females abducted from various countries. They are not a very old group of people either. While we whites have been upon the earth for many thousands of years and once covered all of Europe, Jews are not much more than 2000 years old. I would like the future to record the truth about Jews but for that future to have no Jews left alive in it. Their synagogues and books and movies should all be destroyed. The truth could help people today better understand what Jews are and what they do to others and why. People today allow for religious beliefs to crowd out the truth and this is the problem. We have 3 religions today which are universal and commonly accepted as real but they are not real and were manufactured. Throughout all of Europe we whites believed in the same deities of gods and goddesses no matter which country we were in. Northern Europe used a 3 caste system but Southern Europe used a 4 caste system of beliefs because of the slaves. Allfather Odin did not begin with a family living in Sweden 2000 years ago but began more than 6000 years ago. Aryans we were called meaning Lords of the Land and centuries down the road you would have our descendants whom did not always have white skin but were descended from our race. This is a truth towards allowing others to see how they have been lied to so much about our origins. China for example had a different set of gods and goddesses and have retained their ancestral beliefs for over 5000 years. Why did we whites not retain our ancestral beliefs? Because of Christianity. Christianity allows for history to be rewritten and allowed for many changes over time. Our ancestors did not willingly accept Christianity and experienced a Dark Age. As long as people hold to Christianity they will always be deceived about our History- the history of the white race. The Arabic race is the oldest of the slave nations. From the Arabic race came Christianity, Judaism and Muslim. Our ancestors purchased slaves from them. We built Atlantis and the pyramids and we had the greatest Library's around this earth. Slaves were needed to do the work of toil upon the structures while we studied and learned in the finest education buildings. Wars came to us from those whom were converted to Christianity. They were fanatics and believed that everything had to be destroyed so that people could be closer to their "God". Our libraries were burned and destroyed, people beheaded who would not convert to Christianity. A thousand years passed in which our race lost the ability to heal themselves from illnesses and all the while Christianity was building as a way to save people from disease. Our folk in Southern Europe used a 4th Caste with our ancestral beliefs in the hopes of preventing miscegenation but it was a losing battle. Eventually our folk did miscegenate themselves out of existence there but new tribes began and many continued to call themselves Aryan. England was not occupied by any of our race until after the Roman Empire began. Romans extended their reach as far as England and built a few structures but it was not an English nation yet. Meanwhile our folk in Northern Europe were engaged in 700 years of war against the Christian mercenaries. By indoctrination and taxes were the Christian monks able to convert others after many had lost families from beheadings and murder. Originally the people in the Bible had dark skin and kinky hair but changes were made to make it acceptable to all whites. Other similarities between Christianity and the Arabic race was the placement upon the males as strength of household though our ancestors had always given strength to females. When the Rothschild banking system is ended we can have back white nations.

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Fabi Vel el Ser Integral

How crime has increased. Thanks to the zionist system.

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