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MIC Targeted Individual
Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Uncategorized

Welsh First Minister MARK DRAKEFORD caught on open mic: "Let's hope people aren't smart enough to ask if it's a regulation or an advice."
The People Retain Authority over their Government. It appears that the heads of the Police, Military, Politicians, Public Servants, media, religions, corporations and banks worldwide unfortunately may still currently support the nefarious corporate banking authoritarian 5g'SMART'/DIGITAL, depopulation, track and trace surveillance agendas and AI trans-human GMO Reset and the treacherous EU Military Unification that is being secretly and treasonously pushed through. We are all compelled by our Common Law Constitution to all effectively inform the masses asap to be aware of the Common Law Constitutional position and for all to stand under Article 61 until remedy has been obtained and our Common Law Trial and Annulment by Jury Constitution and System of Service has been fully restored.

⁣Terrorism: ~ Method of government by inspiring terror by acts of brutality and savagery.

The threat or use of violence; a political objective; the desire to change the status quo; the intention to spread fear by committing spectacular public acts; the intentional targeting of civilians.

⁣"Those pigs, those non-Jewish masons will never understand the final objects of Freemasonry" Theodore Hertzl, Jew founder of Zionism.

⁣“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” — Daniel Inouye

⁣Jews are Nation Wreckers.

Jews have been expelled from various nations and territories over 100 times, due to their propensity to oppress the population of the host nation via usury banking and financial exploitation, subvert the morals of the the society, and gain excessive power in the government and areas of influence vastly disproportionate to their numbers.

A thirty centimetre shell hissed more loudly than a 1000 Jewish newspaper vipers-so let them hiss!
For once this book has become the common property of the people, the Jewish menace may become considered as broken.

The Jew Mein Kampf.

Re the Jew.

To strengthen his political position he tries to tear down the racial and civic barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step. To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance --- and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across.

The governing and higher strata of the political and economic bourgeoisie are brought into the nets by the strings of Freemasonry and never need to suspect what is happening.

.....Thus , Freemasonry is joined by a second weapon in the service of the Jews: the press. With all his perseverance and dexterity he seizes possession of it.

.....His ultimate goal in this stage is the victory of 'democracy,' or, as has he understands it: the rule of parliamentarism

It was the Jews who bring the negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardisation, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising as master.

For a racially pure people with is conscious can never be enslaved by the Jew. In this world he will forever be master over bastards and bastards alone.

For once this book has become the common property of the people, the Jewish menace may become considered as broken.

Adolf Hitler


'To concentrate in their hands all the capital of the nations of the all lands; to secure possession of all the land, railroads, mines, houses, to be at the head of all organisations, to occupy the highest government posts, to paralyze commerce and industry everywhere, to seize the press, to direct legislation, public opinion and national movements--and all for the purpose of subjugating all nations on Earth to their power!'

⁣With the press in our hands, we can turn wrong into right, dishonesty into honesty. We can shake all foundations and shake families. We can destroy faith in all that our enemies, until now, have believed. We can ruin credits and arouse passions. We can declare war; we can award fame or disgrace. We can uplift or ruin talent.

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Konigtiger1945 2 months ago

When your doing total commie takeover for your jew masters and a massive genocide to to get your story straight..piece of welsh shit

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MIC Targeted Individual

where is my property keenan pig?

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MIC Targeted Individual

guilty as charged of democide

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MIC Targeted Individual

hang all politicians from all sides democracy is rule buy the jews

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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

I can assure you nobody is smart enough to ask questions like that, oh, sorry I was wrong :)
I have so much fun with these... Aliens, lol

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