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Russian 720 MHz CPU Elbrus-4S can emulate Doom 3 BFG @1080p, Future of Russias CPU Industry

Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In Gaming

Some update, the newer Elbrus 8S CPU can now run/emulate Doom 3 BFG around 120fps with some optimization like Vulkan and having a dedicated OS for the Elbrus architecture (but still the same built of the game from 2014). Watch this new video here
The Elbrus architecture is more complicated than people thought when this original video was released in 2015, especially for gaming (not to mention that most modern games dont give you the source code). There are benchmarks in this video that show that the Elbrus 8S @ 1.30ghz can reach 60% of the performance of the intel core i7-4790k @ 4.00ghz in crystalmark under x86 emulation. As those numbers are emulated under a different OS, as the Elbrus 8S dedicates 2 of its 8 cores only to read x86 code. The CPU gap is becoming less and less, espacially with more optimisation in the future. These Elbrus CPU's are already 100% viable for Server based tasks.

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