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Russian Liberation Army Tribute.

Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2
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Whitmann 5 days ago

The Russian auxiliary volunteers were also referred to as "HIWI" an abbreviation for the German word "Hilfwilliger".

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When I watch compilations like this and the sheer number of heroic young men involved I really wonder how the Germans could have lost against the vile Bolshevik Jew. The nobility of the German cause, the demonstrable brutality of the Soviet Jew controlled apparatus and the unequivocal evil of the Jew intent it boggles the mind on how the German's lost and how their brothers, the Allied powers turned against them on the side of Stalin's bolsheviks. I know all the logistic reasons and War on two fronts arguments, but I cannot conclude anything other than God stood against Germany for unfathomable reasoning and stood on the side of the Synagogue of Satan to allow their defeat. I cannot comprehend their loss and the victory of the Jew banker since with all of the filth associated other than entertaining the Our God, the God of the Hebrews turned against us to facilitate the rise of the Whore of Babylon. It really is like we, the Adamic people of God are being pruned back to a remnant of what we are truly capable of doing. There is nothing special about the Jew. They're vile, deceitful, uncreative and parasitic. They shouldn't win, but they are. It's obvious. All the warnings of Scripture are coming alive right now and I will admit, it is hard to understand what the reason could be for all of us to die at the hand of the Jew. Adolf Hitler was a noble man of the highest character and intent and he wouldn't have lost unless God decided it so. Many of the greatest theologians were German so I suppose it won't be understood any time soon. How do you show love to an enemy like the Jew? I truly wonder if it is even possible.

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