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Sacramento MASS SHOOTING - EXPOSED for the Fraud it is!! (1 of 2)

Published on 04 Apr 2022 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

⁣MattyD 4Truth

⁣wow....2 weeks after new sworn in police chief seeking recruits for community policing (UN) agenda...

Jewish mayor Steinberg.....

Sandy Hook hoaxers Pozner, Alex Jones, a new book, all recently in news......

Same time as Biden losing Democrats support of gun control?

Sacramento info tells nothing???? but hey Biden says cause of Sacramento let’s ban such and such weapons huh??????

facepalming........Zionist Jews smfh

source: ⁣

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Dani M
Dani M 10 months ago

Thank you for sharing this. I haven't been on 153news in well over a year but watching this motivated me to reactivate my account just so I could sub to this guy. His attitude is absolutely PERFECT where all of this bullshit is concerned - no mincing words or dancing around the absurdity, just calling all of the lies and propaganda out for what it is and I appreciate that.

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TheWorldBelongsToUs 10 months ago

One can find the occasional gem over there, but I personally don't trust them overall. I've been watching MattyD, who has a lot to do with keeping 153news up and running, for a decade. I agree, he tells it straight. 153news IS the best place I know for busting hoaxes.

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