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Saddam hussein freemason?

Published on 10 Oct 2021 / In Conspiracies


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europa_ss 5 days ago

source to full video?

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Username 13 days ago

Excellent video. I came across this a few years ago regarding Saddam: "The parent firm of George Magazine [JFK Jr's old mag] is Hachette, a French firm that also owns several other magazines in the U.S. One of the largest owners of Hachette has been Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. Saddam is also the major owner of Matra, that owns and operates the baggage and passenger system at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, called the "people mover system." The city official in charge of the airport showed no concern of this when we interviewed her on tape. So what is all this talk about safeguards against "airport terrorism" and all that -- when a media-described so called "terrorist" is the owner of the key system at one of the nation's largest airports?"

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nonstopwarfare 12 days ago

Amazing, there was some controversy about whether or not that was him hiding in that hole 🤔

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