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Salesman Accidentally Calls His Black Neighbor A Nigger

Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Niggers

⁣HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man claiming to be a solar panel salesman who was meeting with neighbors called one homeowner the N-word, instead, in a video that's gone viral online. The incident happened on Saturday in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood.

ABC13 blurred the face of the man who used the slur because he is not facing charges. A Harris County investigator said what he did was ignorant and racist, but not illegal.

A doorbell camera captured a man who described himself as a neighbor and solar panel salesman making an introduction.

"We do solar around here, and we're just coming around talking to n*****s. Sorry, dude. Neighbors. I apologize," he said.

"In order for me to not feel the way I wanted to feel and do the things I wanted to do, I just had to separate myself and walk away from that situation, because that's my house," Michael, the homeowner who asked that just his first name be used, said.

Michael said he's watched the recording several times and even questioned if the slur slipped out.

"But no," he said. "You can't mistake that word. That's not a word you mistakenly say, unless you have been saying that for a very long time."

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CroatianFascist 2 months ago

Hello my neighbor.

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Skunky Skunk
Skunky Skunk 2 months ago

call em like you see them hahaha

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1933HWR1945 2 months ago

Never apologise!

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AryanRooster 2 months ago

Good work for this man. Even gets fired but still gets good likes.

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happyapple4 2 months ago

Everyone is always offended but blacks can't handle the word. Blacks are so brainwashed into believing that word "nigger" holds power over them. people used to speak openly and call each other 'cracka' 'nigger', 'chink'-it was a way of joking around and delineating different races. And then guess who entered and controlled the leftist liberal, Marxist, Communist agenda which preaches that everyone is the same?

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