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SAS Survival Guide - Escape and Evasion (1999)

Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

⁣Former SAS trooper Barry Davies shares tips on E&E. Topics covered include: Psychological effects of capture; lock-picking; tracking; using fire; survival kit; map-reading; locating and purifying water; food from the wild; first aid; astral navigation; shelter; hunting and trapping; self-defense; and search and rescue.

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ARYAN VIKING 13 days ago

You have a lot of very good videos! In my experience I have had to escape from police many times. The secret of getting away is to always keep yourself moving. Police expect that most people will "go to ground" so what they do is to dress in civilian clothing and simply sit on every street in a small radius of space around the point you got away from. They know that if they watch these places you will come out of hiding at some point and they will get you. Those who never stop running are the people who get away clean.

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Bluesky 13 days ago

SAS cooking and sending radio communications near their target. Imagine the thermal signatures these SAS troops are giving off as well as sending radio communications, against any significant foe these guys in the video would have been long taken out. Sorry not impressed, I stopped watching at the 16 minute mark.

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