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satanic jew declares war on white race

Published on 07 May 2022 / In Satanism / Occult


The opposite of anti-semitism, loxism is the hatred, discrimination or prejudice against those who are not Jewish.
The word "goy" (plural "goyim") is often used by loxists to disparagingly refer to non-jews, it means human-cattle / livestock. (The reason they say we need "herd immunity")
The word "loxism" is sometimes used to refer specifically to anti-white racism.

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ytrebiLeurT 9 months ago

He's obviously black, maybe green but not white...

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UncleSemantic 11 months ago

✡️🐀 who pamper 🦧🍉🍌 and 🧠 🧼👩 from🏞and 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 into 👏🧑🏿‍🎤🧕🏾🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💊💉💰

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SmackUrApocolips 11 months ago

this kike acts like they'll actually slither out of the shadows and take on White folk . White vs. kike , White would have a first round knock out . these demons have no backbone and their skin is so thin it's amazing it holds the shit in . fuck clownworld !

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RossdeB 11 months ago

However, their viciousness knows no bounds.

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TheRealmcGoy1 11 months ago


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