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Schlussrede von Rudolf Hess vor dem Nürnberger Prozess ENG SUB

Published on 23 Aug 2019 / In Documentaries

Recherche : "Schwindlers liste" ” Auschwitz die wahrheit" "Holocaust meine mutter hat uns belogen" “Das problem der gaskammern” “ Ernst Zündel interview mit Thies Christophersen”” Buchenwald ohne Propaganda” ”Ein Drittel des Holocausts””David Cole in Auschwitz” “Buchenwald Ein Dumm Dreistes Portrait des Boesen” “Höllensturm” Videos

Research: Questioning The Holocaust - Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2), Judea declares war on Germany, The Jewish Gas chamber hoax, The Majdanek Gas Chamber Hoax, Dumb portrayal of evil Buchenwald, David Cole at Auschwitz, One third of the holocaust, The Jewish conspiracy, A Devil in disguise (videos)
Hellstorm The death of nazi Germany by Thomas Goodrich
And the book Other Losses by James Bacque
Pre and post war encyclopedia and world almanacs show no loss of 6 million jews.Typhus killed the prisoners not gas. Thousands died in the camps not millions.
Forensic evidence shows no sign of Zyklon-B in any alleged gas-chambers for people.

look up : Auschwitz the missing Cyanide, Gassing you say never happened, Pop goes Elie Wiesel, Elie Wiesel & the holocaust fraud, The last days of the big lie, Auschwitz why the gas-chambers are a myth, Eisenhowers deathcamps, The persecution of revisionists; Understanding Anti-semitism all Videos

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savethewhiterace 8 months ago

https://t.me/europeanlion/4 wake up white race

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Status 1 year ago

Rudolf Hess was truly a GREAT MAN.

From: Hess: The Missing Years, 1941-1945 by David Irving
He discussed religion at length – said that he himself was more religious than most, but said that Germany intended to do away with Christianity as being only a Jewish fable and replace it by a new German religion. He did not admit that Roman Catholicism was on the increase in Germany. [...]
From Communism the Deputy Führer turned easily to the subject of Christianity. Both he and Hitler were more religious than most, but Christianity was, he argued – echoing words he had so often heard Hitler himself use – alien to the racial understanding of the German people. ‘I believe in a Hereafter,’ he said, ‘but not in a heaven including a God resembling an old man with a beard.’
He talked again of Hitler’s determination to replace Christianity with a new religion, to be devised by some man who had yet to come forward. Man as such was not satisfied with abstractions, but ‘externals and rituals’ were necessary and would have to be devised. He believed this hostility to Christianity was why the Vatican had not openly praised the crusade against Russia....

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milhouse 2 years ago

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

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Mario 2 years ago

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OttoVonSkorzeny 2 years ago

Remain hard to kill! Trim the fat. Expel the degenerate. For most that means our own family. The blood is more important.
God with us !

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