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School is Prison

Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In Video Vault

The indoctrination centers in america. Taught to be slaves.

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Lego 11 months ago

There needs to be a right balance in order to achieve greatness. Children should learn about their higher purpose/meaning in life. But at the same time, be taught the necessary technical and soft skills needed to succeed in a useful career, like an electrical engineer or skilled tradesman.

The reason why American performance is declining, is because the older generations have abandoned the younger generations to the Jewish run institutions. And at the same time, the (((marxists))) will teach nothing useful, other than "how to become a liberal air head."

It's not just creativity that is being crushed. But also moral standards, reading, writing, math and science skills are also being destroyed as well.

You want evidence? Look at China! The Chinese are beating America in math and science. We cannot afford to lose (whats left) of our manufacturing-technology industries!!

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From_Europa_Ashes 12 months ago

In elemantary school, at grade 4, i was assigned in a therapy with the school psychologue... because i was often laughing in class, and i was a sort of class clown , my habit was to say thing that were funny in class, and i was loved by all of my classmates, i got along well with much everyones. Teachers liked me also, but they thought i had a control problem in class.... so i was assigned to a therapy with a psychologue, it went on many sessions. I only remember me and one other with the same control problem, we played games like monopoly, i remember we had big conversation with him, but i cant remember what we talked about.... and well, in my adult life, i had much big problems, because sometimes i were too shy, shy to approach and talk to stranger, i even had problem getting a jobs because i was so shy i would have problem to give a cv to an employer! And i questioned myself about that, and realised it all started with these therapy sessions.... that psychologue , rather that "the rapist" raped my mind, and damaged my personnality.. took a while to get the pieces back, and a few years ago, i went to an adult school ( for dropoff who wanted to go back to school ) and i was not shy like my secondary years of school. I was really myself this time.... i agree with that video, education, the way its done today, RAPE THE MIND OF CHILDRENS.

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Lego 6 months ago

I myself did decent in school, as I enjoyed learning about the applications of math and science in everyday life or how its used in industry. However, what really woke me up to the problem, was the fact that "Affirmative Action" allowed all the incompetent Non-Whites a free pass to college, and well performing White students (like myself) ended up having to do alternatives (i.e.: community college, apprenticeship etc.) So even if you are smart, academically talented and possess an aptitude for the sciences. Your still going to get discriminated against by the (((public schools))). It's very rotten out there...

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Lego 4 months ago

@DARRYL DUNCAN: God does NOT require us mortal beings to become a medical scientist or a wealthy millionaire. God wants us to love, and that is all. You are 100x better than most American high school students these days. I attended a high school on the outskirts of Boston, and believe me, financially wealthy Whites tend to look down on poor Whites who don't have as much money as they do. How else can you explain such negative attitudes between rich and poor Whites??! Only a few generations ago, rich and poor Whites got along very well with each other! These days, its all about the financial segregation, and class separation! It's also why America cannot get anything done, and why its so hard to organize anything these days (especially against the Jew)! I don't have that many friends from high school (just two good ones). Most of my good friends are either from work, community college or cultural gatherings. It was also another reason why I was a "nerd" back in high school, because there was not much else to do, except for personal studying.

I personally have no hatred to the Non-White races, but at the same time, I strongly dislike the Non-Whites because they're so easily manipulated by the Jewish media bosses!

Looking back, I thought I was really screwed for not being able to get into college. But now that I think about it. I believe I made the right choice to attend community college, earn my two year associate degree, and work (mostly hands on) in construction... When we leave the material world: only our deeds, acquired skills, and how much we loved/served others matters. How much money we obtained will be completely irrelevant.

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Europeanflower 1 year ago

I hated grade school. They made us sit beside the ones I hate, and made sure the friends did not sit beside each other. Or they make one sit with another to help them.

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HisIsha 1 year ago

True. While structure & things like that are important for children, parents are the ones with the Yah-given responsibility to teach their children, not the government. Too many people just dump their kids off on someone else to raise, then wonder how things have gone to hell.

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Freedom 1 year ago

Education is one of my bigest pet peeves. It is totally consumed with evil ideas, ran by sellout liberals, and places good kids with evil ones. It corrupts kids.

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