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Schools are Exclusively Hiring Pedos & LGBQT groomers.

Published on 15 Jan 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda


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twistedjoker 7 months ago

These teachers are so fucken weird looking and they always where even 40 years ago teachers where sick fucks. Those that can do .do thing those that can not do become teachers .

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Judenfrei 7 months ago

Don't go by Jamie or Jamie Ray either. Go buy a rope and hang yourself.

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le_troll_face 8 months ago


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pater409 8 months ago

What the fuck is that thing? This is what they charge with educating and serving as role models? The hook-nosed JEW COWARD FAGGOT will pay dearly for this crime.

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pastprovespresent 9 months ago

How do people let this stand?

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Bobdoblin 7 months ago

Because the city state and federal government MANDATE it. Just look at the statutes. If you try to protect your kids from this you better be tough because even the DOJ has been weaponized to protect the child abusers. Where do yu go when all the legal remedies are fixed AGAINST you? And lawyers are terrified to take the case? Our so called “conservative” representatives LOVE these monsters because long as they are allowed to roam free the cuckservatives can beg for money to pretend to fight it. Even that fake ass Jew faggot desantis in Florida passed the bill only protects k-3rd grade. So starting in 4th grade these creeps can now legally groom your children and sexually abuse them with radical satanic perverted debased sexual ideologies. And th government backed by the military PROTECTS them. If white men do not bond together and take the streets just like the Marxist do these people are going to continue to tap dance on our grave. White men are such weak pathetic cowards that wait for some fat slob in Washington DC to save them while their children need their help. As a parent it is beyond sickening. Beyond infuriating. And watching these weak coward worms talk talk talk without a shred of organized mass PEACEFUL resistance, we have no hope. If we cannot even get peaceful resistance than you KNOW they are cowards who are all talk. If you cannot even stand up then please don’t pretend you would ever fight. That is my message. Man up or shut the fuck up. Not you bro, but that is my message to ALL so called white men. Either organize and defend your family arm in arm PEACEFULLY first, or shut the fuck up. Talk is cheap. On the internet it is free. And fr.ee shit inherently has ZERO value

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