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Security for White Activists

Published on 07 May 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism
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Steelmidnight 2 years ago

"Christian mind control"?

Maybe with the JUDEA Christian bullshit, but not true Christianity. (Called "Christian identity" but its really just actual Christainity")

Did you know the bible-

1) States kind should only beget kind

2) States God made the borders to separate the races?

3) Identifies Jews as a race of vipers and serpents, sons of Satan, the anti-Christ?

4) Does NOT say anywhere that the Jew are "Gods chosen"? There ARE no "chosen" people, only a covenant people, whom I can prove are Europeans.

5) Accurately predicted WW1 and 2, the rise of Jewish power as the anti-Christ, the "Flood of the dragon" in which the anti-Christ floods western civilization with heathens to destroy Gods covenant people (Starting in Revelations 12:15)

6) States that "All who call themselves "Jew" are LIARS and a synagogue of Satan (rev. 2:9, 3:9) ?

7) Identifies the covenant people AND Christ (yes, he is described in the bible, but people dont understand old style poetry so they were able to hide this fact) as white people? And Christ is described physically as a blonde, blue eyed man in old poetry style language? (Rev. 1:14)

8) Christ himself told the Jew "You are of a different father, and so could never know me" and "You are of your father the devil" and "You serpents! You race of vipers" PROVING Christ was no Jew, nor did he have anything nice to say about them!

The brainwashing has been to push our people AWAY from True Christianity, unity and brotherhood. When we were truly Christian nations, we kept the Jew and the heathen at bay, and lived safe, prosperous and were UNTOUCHABLE....They had to dismantle and infiltrate Christianity FIRST, before moving on to destroy the west.

Moving away from this is as bad as believing the lukewarm Judea Christian lies (Judaism is the ANTITHESIS of Christianity)....They FEAR that unity. Thats why agents like Stormfront (run by a Jew and a half breed!) or GoyTV or IDF agent Adam Greene ) speak AGAINST Christianity.

Do you think for one second, that our forefathers would have thrown Jews out on their asses in over 144 European Christian nations if they thought for ONE SECOND Jews were Gods people? Or that they had written the bible?

Why would Jew write the BABYLONIAN Talmud, As a means to understand and interpret the Torah if they had written the original for themselves? That makes NO sense unless you understand that they are frauds and liars, and did NOT write the bible or spawn Christianity. They have always been its antithesis. No, I am NOT "brainwashed by Christianity"....I understand VERY CLEARLY the truth of this. It is YOU who are either brainwashed against your own heritage, or an agent....Your anti-Christian rhetoric mirrors that which the serpent Jew spew.

For falling into Paganism and being unfaithful to God, we were punished with blindness to our identity for most (Isaiah 62:2; 65:15; Hosea 1:9-10; Romans 11:25). God stated he would put his name on Israel (Numbers 6:27) And through the Messiah would be known as "Christians"(Acts 11:26). For nearly 2000 years, all, and ONLY white nations were known as Christendom, and whites were the only Christians. Its only through the false Zionist controlled Judea Christian churches that this has changed.

Race mixing is also a serious sin. Laying down with a Chayan (Beast of the field aka negro) is a spiritual death sentence.

Your not going to change the minds of those who know the truth, because ANYONE who knew the whole story would see there is no room for doubt, whatsoever.

If you are just confused, I pray you find your way. We need to revive our Christian faith and brotherhood to turn this around. When that happens (and it will) there will be a crusade the likes not seen in 100s of years, to drive the Jew and their heathen horde from the west forever!

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