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Seeing The Problems Is Easy - It's Fixing Them That's The Problem

Published on 11 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Stevelethal92 2 months ago

Sorry you're going through it right now with your living situation.

I became homeless 4-5 years ago after I got evicted from my apartment.

Staying with my Mom has almost been worse than the time I spent on the street because at least I had some privacy.

I'll try to scrape up some money to contribute. I know how hard it is for men of integrity to ask for any form of financial assistance with no strings attached. I haven't asked my Father for a penny because he uses his money as a control mechanism and doesn't give from the heart.

Hang in there Keith.

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shane127 3 months ago

love ya dude but we dont live on a spinning glo baal

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Apparently you don't know my perspective on that subject matter. Watch this and tell me what you think I think about the earth. - (it's in the last 3rd of the video)

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Phantasm101 3 months ago

I hit you up on cash up hope it helps bro

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GEN. JD RIPPER 2 months ago

ive tried to give money to RMP and world truth. it wont let me use ANY of these cash apps for some reason

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Phantasm101 3 months ago

hey brother i tried to hit you up on venmo no matter what i did i couidn't send you the money that site owned by paypal i'm gonna try cash app

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AmericanKozak 3 months ago

Depending on your state some animals are easy to trap as they may be considered nuisance animals or varmints. You mentioned a fucked up knee and poor nutrition, my left shoulder got fucked up from daily sleeping several hours on a schooldesk, and its begun to get painful working out and going to work again (local mechanic shop) Eating muscle meat with a lot of connective tissue greatly helps me and I would trap animals if I had no way to get meat.
It might be repulsive, but that is what I like to think I would do; trap animals even if it means paying a fee/ permit.

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