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Segregation or Integration? ⁣Fosta Houses Projects in NY might be your worst nightmare

Published on 26 Nov 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣Fosta Houses Projects in NY might be your worst nightmare
VNN Black Statistics
Back To Africa Should Be Answer To Black Lives Matter

⁣00:00 Spending evening in Central Harlem at Stephen Foster Houses ( Martin Luther King, Jr. Towers) aka Fosta

00:41 Inside one of the most dangerous hoods in Harlem with Nyy Millz and Skeeter Millz
02:07 Basketball courts
03:05 Hooligan Pratt ( )
03:13 Community Center
04:24 Nyy Millz ( )
04:53 Harlem Twins "Twin Towers"
05:02 Lenox Avenue in Harlem
06:03 Outsiders in NYC housing projects
07:22 Inside the projects
08:24 Rooftop view at New York City
08:52 Pebble Beach
10:52 Dealing with NYPD

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Freedom 2 months ago

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