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Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In Conspiracies


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ARYAN VIKING 9 days ago (edited)

A Dragon is on my family shield. I am the last of my bloodline from Scots-Irish Duncan Clan. Before Christianity and going back to the early days of the White Race there were dragons on earth. You have to account for the great age of this earth and for the great age of humanity upon this earth. If we keep to Christian teachings then we do not see the people who lived more than 6000 years ago. It goes against the religious teachings you get from The Holy Bible when you speak of those times and much from that time has already been destroyed. Some people will have to trust that we Whites have been here a lot longer than 6000 years. The legend is that our men hunted these dragons and it was a point of manhood if you killed one. They were huge and towered over people. Huge snakes need big names and that is how I look at it but many say that no, it were real dragons. Each family back then stayed together when sons and daughters married. Whole families living together like this are known as a Tribe. When you have a collection of other families joining with your family you have a Clan. The Clans believed these Dragons had one bigger than all the others which was so large that it completely encircled the earth. Stories would be told round the campfires about him. They called him Jormungand and this is a word that meant "The Great Serpent". He sleeps now and awaits the coming of Ragnarok. He is nobody's friend. Back then it was customary to give everything a name, even your horse. Your sword or spear or your hammer or bow each would have names you gave them. Blacks in Africa hunt the lions today much like our ancestors hunted dragons.

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