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Several Decades Ago Science Warned Of 'Global Cooling'

Joe Lowsac
Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Actually global cooling (which is not currently taking place) poses a real danger. ⁣Unlike global warming, global cooling would actually be something to worry about. Life can and has thrived in much hotter conditions than now. When the planet starts getting cold again (and there's no reason to think it won't someday) it will pose a serious danger. An Ice Age is always catastrophic. I lived in Nevada for years and even in the desert in120°F heat we grew lush gardens every summer. Nothing grew in winter.

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NativeNomad 15 days ago

Spock is an Evil globalist!😮

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jimmyhugo 14 days ago

he is a kike as well according to the internet; jew ukrainan mom dad; was gonna comment brilliant marketing using spock; everyone likes spock pretty much. i wonder if they teach children about seasons anymore or just to automatically link the word change after climate

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DeathToJWO 15 days ago

This is why I never bought into climate change, this is all they talked about when I was a kid. Then all of a sudden they just flipped the script as if they never said this shit before.

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dino 15 days ago

Man-made global warming and the Holocaust were the most difficult hoaxes for me to start unbelieving. Perhaps one of the reasons why it's hard to unbelieve these stories is because there doesn't seem to be a good reason to lie so immensely about such things as climate or a mass killing. It is not until you start understanding that there are very good reasons for lying about those things, that you can start to see those stories for what they really are.

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