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Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

You can follow her story here:

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BookAnon 3 days ago

...And now there are babies with the exact same shaking being born from mRNA-injected mothers.

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ytrebiLeurT 10 days ago

Covid keeps you healthy, dare more Covid for your health ...

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Obiatch 20 days ago

At least she got a shitty superhero comic as a reward for being a good goy.

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cracker 23 days ago

I can't take it anymore. These pompous brainwashed idiots and their mantra about "trusting the science". You can't reason with the ones that far gone and I've stopped trying. I've gotten people to understand we are servants of the Jew, to understand everything we believe we know is a fiction made up by Jews, pumped into our heads via Jewish mass media and the grotesque Jewish brainwashing assembly line we call the education system... that WWII history is nothing but a fiction and there was no Holocaust, but once they take that jab some are gone for good. I really do suspect far-reaching brain damage from blood clots or accumulation of this poison. It is mentally affecting people with catastrophic manifestations: "trust the science" "our own government says the vaccine is safe because of actual research done by the CDC" "the FDA approved vaccines based on science" "the WHO itself said the vaccine is essential based on science"

So this is what living under a communist regime is, idiots running around chanting absurdities. Your rights slowly but surely, all being revoked.

The actual brave people trying to do something about this madness, are suppressed, violated by the state, and if historical Jewish treachery is once again repeated, eventually liquidated.

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Trivium_Supremacy 1 hour ago (edited)

Rights are unalienable by definition. They do not come from positive (written/proxy) “law”, they come from Natural Law. Acts are not laws. Neither are mandates. A mandate is just an offer to contract. In this case it’s an adhesion contract that violates common law, federal law, natural law and even their own fucking state acts (namely the biosecurity act and privacy act).They’re all getting sued but we both know this can only end with a lynching. This is from our own government doh website where I live:

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Trivium_Supremacy 1 hour ago


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Wicked01 1 month ago

She was one of the early ones to get jabbed, was forced by her employer in aged care sector.
Someone’s brother Ik told her ,he researched moderna & saids it better than astra or researched stupidly well....idiots being more about cocky about themselves...blindsided to the truth ,pathetically common.

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