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Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

You can follow her story here:

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Vibo_Haak 3 months ago

That means it's working.

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TruthSeeker16 5 months ago

I'm sure the vax killed a ton of elder people. Then they turned around and said that the Corona Beer killed them. But the fact that they were isolated and could not see anyone surely had a devastative effect on them. A lot of them stopped eating and were stressed out of their minds.

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Titanomachy 5 months ago

Yeah the restrictions are definitely hardest on the children and the elderly. The way postmodern civilization treats our elders is disgraceful. People used to put family first, but then during the 20th century a bunch of people were convinced they didn't have any duty to their parents beyond simply keeping them alive at a bear minimum, basically. They decided taking two vacations a year rather than just one was more important than having grandma around. They decided families didn't have to stick together, after all. My favorite movie is actually about this very shift in society which started taking place in America during the Great Depression. It's an old Leo McCarrick film called Make Way for Tomorrow, I highly recommend it, the actors playing the elderly couple in it put in such marvelous performances it makes tears well in my eyes just thinking of them, it feels so real, so moving.
The influences of individualism and consumerism started to consume the family unit itself, starting with the peripheral units like grandparents and then moving on to divorce becoming a near-inevitability for most couples, and now finally the children are being targeted more and more for removal from perfectly loving homes, in fact I expect to see a lot of what has been happening in Norway (Christian parents having their children taken away by the government on the basis that they are "indoctrinating" them into an "extreme religious ideology" or some shit...and often given to Muslims) in the rest of the West, using whatever excuse the kikes can make up to steal White children and relocate them into abusive environments like foster care with tons of blacks around. The powers that be prey on the weak without the slightest hint of mercy, killing off the White elderly, babies, children, homeless people and disabled. British homeless shelters have even been converted so that they now only take foreigners in, and British homeless men have died of hypothermia as a result. The horror of this mess will take years to fully realize itself, people are still having their lives ruined or ended by more of these damn injections. The worst part is that I can't get through to the rest of my family, they just trust the establishment with their health and think it's paranoid and silly not to, like they wouldn't have any reason to harm us, that's the way normies think of society, they assume the people running things may not be totally benevolent, but they aren't malicious either. In a way I can see where they are coming from, they think the oligarchs need consumers and workers and wouldn't have any economic cause for wiping out the White race. They don't understand the racial component, they don't understand that the oligarchs are way past the point of worrying about making more money, they PRINT the money, they are Mammon incarnate, they concern themselves with power, with world domination, basically. Normies have been primed to think of shadowy figures secretly taking over the world as some sort of fantastical fiction, that conspiracies are something that only happened once in history: when the Germans conspired to secretly exterminate the Jews, somehow. It's such a ridiculous premise that they would covertly exterminate millions of people, getting rid of all the evidence meticulously so that the Allies and Soviets had to "recreate" the homicidal gas chambers for visitors to gawk at and cry in. Why the hell would anyone try to cover up the complete extermination of a people? Wouldn't anyone notice the complete lack of Jews? And wow, they sure did a bad job of killing them, letting them procreate in the camps, giving them medical and dental care, giving them amenities like camp orchestras, cinemas, theatres for putting on plays, games of football/soccer, gardens, religious and cultural activities, hell, they even got paid a special currency for their labor. Auschwitz was a far nicer camp to stay in, prior to the typhus outbreak of winter 1942-43, than any American internment camps for Japanese, Germans or Italians. It's so frustrating knowing the truth in a country where I can be thrown in jail for publically saying these things. I wish the Jews went as easy on us as we went on them, but there's no chance of that, they won't leave a single reservation for Whites like we did for the American Indians. Our backs are against the wall, we just need the bulk of us who are still at least partially blue pilled to wake up and smell the genocide.

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TruthSeeker16 3 months ago

@Titanomachy: I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for the insight and info. I certainly will check the film out.

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@Titanomachy: That's the truth, these are the serpents seed that Christ warned you of. Kenites Son's of Cain the first murderer. Disgusting creatures.

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allourstuffiscool 6 months ago

The moderna vaxes killed my ex husband,I told him not to get vaxxed.We miss him horribly.

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6miljuice 7 months ago

My friend said he heard from a nurse in my town that covid is real but it only affects obese people. One minute it’s old people, next it’s obese. These chameleons cannot keep the facts straight!

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Allophylian 8 months ago

Don't take the vax. It will turn you into a vibrator for an elephant

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