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Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons

Trey Xanthean
Published on 16 Jan 2021 / In Music

i love this song, i love Kate Beckinsdale IN this movie AND the movie so i figure with a trifecta, what the heck.. ;)
please, let us that do enjoy the old Kate before she started doing whatever it is she's doing now...
i don't care to know because i only have ever seen her in this. i do not follow her carrier...
love to you all... Hail Victory!!!

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Nemesis 2 years ago

I lke this one a lot I like the change of lyric from love is a many splendored thing to love is a many splintered thing :-) of course ...both apply:-) lol thankyou

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 years ago

yea this song is great. that lyric always got me too. such a creative and poignant change but so simple. then the " i tried to tell her about Marx and Engels God and Angels" gives me goose bumps for some reason. this song is just great, i said that already lol... your welcome my Dear Sister!

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