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Six Million Jews - 1915-1938. (archive materiall)

Published on 10 Mar 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

This video examines ten newspaper articles from the years 1915 through 1938, from publications such as the New York Times. These articles document how the phrase "six million Jews" was used long before World War 2, and even before Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, which proves, that jews have manipulated history to their advantage since 1945

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Zenith26 3 months ago

I got kicked off faceberg 3 years ago for posting this video.

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Soldier1 5 months ago

For some reason the jews are really hung up on the number 6 million.

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 5 months ago

These people who call themselves "Iewes" but are not, come from the mouth of the beast, Saudom Arabia. It's right there in the beginning of the KJV 1611 1st Edition Facsimile.

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