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Six Million Lies (2019)

Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

A documentary about the shoah by The Fascifist.

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Mr. White Man
Mr. White Man 11 days ago

Did you know that it is more possible for a overweight man who's thousands of years old from the north pole to fly a slay powerd by 12 reindeer to deliver presents all the good little Christian children who believe in Santa in a period of roughly 12 hours then to believe that in the late 30's, early 40's the nazis had futureristic technology that allowed him too locate, transport, exterminate, and dispose of 3,300 jews a day, while fighting a war against the rest of jew infested world.

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Mr. White Man
Mr. White Man 12 days ago

I lie cause my wife love me so much, and I love shekels so so much.... haaaaa filthy ass jew....

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pater409 12 days ago

Great documentary that reveals the hook-nosed, rat-faced JEW doing what he does best: being a pathological liar in his condition as an eternally gutless coward. Fuck the Holohoax; it will soon blow up in the lying, child-raping JEW's hideously ugly, hook-nosed face, and there's nothing he can do about it except choke on it.

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