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SNIPER 101 Part 6 - Equipment OVERVIEW - Rex Reviews

Published on 25 Sep 2022 / In DIY

⁣What is the best sniper rifle? What is the best sniper scope? How about laser rangefinders, bipods, ballistics tables, barometers, thermometers, GPS systems, infrared thermometers, and all the other long range shooting equipment? In this video, Rex discusses the hierarchy of long range weapons equipment. After the shooter spotter team, the rifle scope is the most crucial piece of equipment to get right. After that, you are free to choose from many different rifle options whether they be semi-automatic for designated marksmen, bolt action rifles for benchrest shooters, tactical bolt actions for military operators, or antimaterial rifles for hard target interdiction. Rex also discusses how peripheral equipment will be important to calculate accurate firing solutions out in the field. Stay tuned for our next video detailing rifle selection options for various long range shooting applications.

All of the video footage, still photography, and music in this video were created by TiborasaurusRex.


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