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Snowing in Hawaii - Oy vey, it's a Climate Emergency!!! Quick, more CO2 taxes!!!

Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In Geoengineering

⁣Hawaii is under a rare blizzard warning with up to 12 INCHES of snow and winds of 100mph expected on summits of Big Island this weekend
The warning from the National Weather Service is in effect from 6pm Friday to 6am Sunday. More than 12 inches of snow could be....

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HEILHITLER1488 2 months ago


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nimblehorse 2 months ago

oy vey, Climate Chaos Goyims, Climate Chaos, shut it all down !

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bannedforhatespeech 2 months ago

I thought the world was supposed to be getting warmer. why is it getting colder?

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Lego 2 months ago

I think the Jews got their hands on weather manipulation equipment and are now f*cking around with the weather, so as to push more regulations/restrictions on the public.

The hook nosed kikes move in slow steps, using many tools to achieve their final goal for a Satanic order. However, the God of Creation won't allow the Devils to mock him forever...

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1933HWR1945 2 months ago

Currently we're in the upswing of the suns 11 year solar cycle and it is getting warmer because of that and should peak around 2025. But we are actually in a longer term cycle where the cycles are smaller in amplitude and therefore each cycle has been getting colder. The next sun cycle is supposed to be similar to this one as well. However, the weather is becoming more erratic due to the magnetic field of the planet that's weakening. I think the field is down 20%+ now. Probably even lower, but we don't know for sure because NASA stopped reporting it a year or two ago. IMO, and the opinion of more and more scientists researching the 12000 year cataclysmic cycle of the earth, this this is all a preamble to the sun either going micro-nova or hitting the planet with a superflare in the next 10-15 years. If you're curious to know more, look up Suspiciousobservers on Jewtube. Sheds a lot of light why the Jews and the rest of the cunts are going balls to the wall on us.

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