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so called "people" of color

Based And Redpilled
Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In Slavery

inferior races

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frogman 2 months ago

This is how it was when i was a kid, I experienced a lot of what this video shows!! When the cleansing comes, I shall be happy!!

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MuhFashyBookshelf 2 months ago

Fucking disgusting.

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fajapekillerX 10 months ago

niggers have no brain , only an enlarged brain stem ; this is scientific documented biological fact 101.

niggers are not even remotely a species or breed , much less a race because they have no homogenous DNA .

niggers are genetic apes by nature - behavior and DNA.

niggers and their great ape relatives are the only beasts that have a Simian Shelf :{ deep row of bony ridges found behind their K9s }:

niggers don't have human hair !
the grunge on their ape ass skulls have no follicle or blood supply .

expert geneticists knew :{ over 100 yrs. ago }: that the grunge on a niggers skull and carcass is genetically identical to : \

niggers wear those plastic elastic bags on their skulls :{ after they smear the dead pig grease on their grunge}: to keep their grunge from drying out .

niggers will smack their skulls instead of itching because if they itch their grunge , their Insect Bristles will fall out in huge clods !

niggers have enormous mouth's - boot lips and tongues ; these are just a few of the reasons why niggers cannot articulate any language - words - letters - numbers , in an understandable way.

They prefer to communicate non-verbally via gesticulation -
mumbling :{ ebonics }: -
flailing of their elongated extremities -
interlocking their secondary sexual characters in broad daylight before the public -
skull bobbin -
spitting hockards on each other -
smearing biological waste on each other , as a sign of territorialism -
uncontrollable collegiate and synchronistic voo doo like dance rituals -
kicking -
stabbing -
screaming like demonic banshees -
pulling and dragging each other by their insect bristles -
scratching and clawing at each other -
violent biting attacks -

niggers are not legally or morally entitled to any civil or human right's because they are not human .

niggers are not legally or morally entitled to any welfare benefits or privilege's because they are not human.

niggers cannot use racism as an argument and defense against white racism because niggers are not a Race .

niggers are the most dangerous land predator on earth and don't belong anywhere near a White Nation , much less our White female population.

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HStheNS 12 months ago

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milhouse 2 years ago

The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

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