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Someone needs to shoot this sheboon!

Southern Rebel
Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In Uncategorized

I wonder how this specimen became mayor in the first place

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EthnicScot1488 2 months ago

typical dumb nigger

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Joseph 2 months ago

Shoot her? The morons VOTED FOR her!

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iakg 2 months ago

low IQ does it all the time. when a boon or stain is in authority watch out for the chimp out.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

Men are bad enough when given any sort of "authority" over others, but women are a whole other ball game.

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Jerry Howe
Jerry Howe 2 months ago

This isn't about men or women.. This is about CHIMPS.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

@Jerry Howe:

Since when have you been given the authority to make ex cathedra remarks?
You are expressing what I have already said about men generally.

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wnc817 2 months ago

I'd start making monkey noises into the mic. Fuck that nigger. ooo ook eek

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