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sorry nigs

Published on 12 May 2022 / In Niggers

sorry nigs

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AdmiralLickover 8 days ago

Even nigger bucks should know better, than to ever go near, let alone raw dogging, either one of these hideous silverbacks....

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Dani 8 days ago

I feel like I lost a small sliver of my sanity from even looking at this, let alone trying to listen or understand. What is bothering me the most is that it appears the fat one in the back has a 5 o'clock shadow beard growing??? Does she not have access to a mirror, or the use of her fingers to touch her face and feel? It's bad enough she doesn't know how to dress herself appropriately, showing off that huge barrel gut, why??? But come on, at least go get a wax job, FFS?? I think that one is mentally handicapped, it's actually quite sad. You can see the bitch "helping her" doesn't seem to care much for her, either.
Are they just waiting for their reparations at this point?

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TheEveryman777 8 days ago

I can't... Ugh

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RedLady 9 days ago

Nasty-ass nigs.

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Azalea 9 days ago


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