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South Africa: The mass riots, violence & killing: Zuma Riots - Initial Analysis

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Niggers

⁣In this video we discuss the mass riots, arson and even killing which took place in South Africa a week ago. This had to do with the Zuma arrest. The resulting violence and anarchy resulted in the greatest damage that has ever taken place in South Africa in a single series of incidents. This is far worse than the worst that ever took place under Apartheid. The death toll is also extreme, it is about 220 people killed. But the reasons for this are not obvious or clear to people outside South Africa.

This video is an interview with Patrick of Surviving Weimerica. It's original title is: Surviving Weimerika ep 63 The State of Southern Africa w/ Jan Lamprecht. This show was recorded on 17th July 2021.

In it we discuss my initial information on what is actually happening here.

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Angleburrthumperdink 4 months ago

That "Government Official" video I saw, says the commands to go into the Indian neighbourhoods, break into their houses and kill them etc. are commands from God.

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HistoryReviewed 4 months ago

More videos to come on this topic. Lots of film footage to see.

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rambetter 4 months ago

When jews are in control it's not okay to ask questions. Rather, it's okay to do what you're told to do... by them.

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