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Spectacular 55Chevy

Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles

400 small block
duel quad
4 speed
4 wh disk

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Venresswolfe 1 month ago

Nice , 55 Chevy painted matte black would be my go to post apocalyptic go to car.

Of course included in the package for personal defense would be my Mossberg 590 shockwave 12 gauge.

Pack some water filtration items along with some good ole MRE'S and I'm headed down that lonesome road.

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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

That’s what we are thinking, the owner is wise and knows time is short , that’s why he finished car.
It’s all original, I doubt he’ll go mad max with it .
However good advice
I’m going with a Ford F-250 4x4 Turbo Diesel 7.3 - ironically same white and red scheme
Mossberg short barrel pistol grip and Tarus .45/410 and hipoint .45
Extra fuel tanks and beans.
Unfortunately , there is nowhere to run and a fight seems eminent.
I got 4 classics and 5 pickups but this 55 is the cats meow.

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Spartacus 1 month ago

She'd be faster with a driveshaft installed

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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

Driveshaft is getting cut down to accommodate a Tremic 6 speed .
This is my friend , neighbor and and part time employers car.

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UninformedConsent 1 month ago

Nice piece of engineering!

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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

Not bad for a Trumptard .Every bolt has a purpose and has been measured, torqued and material components checked with mathematical tolerances.
Honestly, The Best car iv ever seen built .
Should produce over 500 hp and 600 lb ft to the ground . Easy 12 sec car that can handle a road course and be a reliable daily driver.
This car has been rebuilt 4 times 2 in last 30 years
Sheet metal is al original as is Frame and chrome.
The fuel delivery system alone is a work of art as is suspension system.
I’ll post video when it’s running

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