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Joe Lowsac
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Interesting

Identifying Elements By Light

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HereAmI 2 months ago

Curiously, this phenomenon is used to debunk the Big Bang theory, according to which, stellar objects are rushing away from each other at various random speeds, and thus their emitted light should be red-shifted along a continuous spectrum.
However, when this light is analysed, it is seen that its wavelength, ie its colour, is shifted in quantum steps, ie according to a discontinuous pattern, so the red shifting comes from discrete jumps in particular atoms, ie from one electronic orbital to another, rather than as the result of the Doppler effect as applied to light.
The net result being that it is arguable that whatever is emitting the light is not moving, and rushing away from us, but is stationary, and emitting quantized light energy because of various energising and de energising processes going on inside its atoms, presumably being mediated via the plasma strings which connect all the visible and glowing bodies in the universe.
Another argument against the BB theory is that frequently, stellar objects with very different red shifts, and so according to the theory, objects with dissimilar velocities and distances from us, are in fact known to be adjacent to each other.

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