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stab a jew day

Published on 06 Mar 2022 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣What would we do?
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
⁣Since the beginning of October, twelve Israelis have been murdered and more than 135 wounded in terrorist attacks. Palestinian political leaders, religious officials, and media have applauded the attackers as “martyrs”, spread vicious anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and called for more suicide attacks against Jews. If this were happening in Canada, what would we expect from our allies? This incitement of violence and glorification of terror must stop. Please ask Canadian leaders to speak out now.

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AryanRooster 4 months ago

111 should be a good score in Canada.

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Harry Knowledge123
Harry Knowledge123 4 months ago

they have thousands of little groups and organizations everywhere.

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Raymo1 4 months ago

Propaganda. Jew dick loving hosers

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TruthSeeker16 4 months ago

If the Canadian jews are getting killed i have nothing against it. But the muzzies and niggers better make sure they are jews and not whites.

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