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Stop Stop...stfu girl, let the man teach these morons a lesson!

Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Stop Stop...stfu girl, let the man teach these morons a lesson!

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southern1861 5 months ago

That man is telling the truth. I bet those niggers hate to hear that. He was ready to do something. Good for him. Telling the sheep what they hate to hear. All of them are niggers, and that's including the white people there as well. Those that go against him.

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MaximumDong 5 months ago

What is that chick wearing? I can practically see her gash. A slight breeze and everyone surely will.

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MajorWood 5 months ago

Most white women are not worth a shit today, disgusting weak whores can't even make a decent samich !

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womenaregaypeople 5 months ago

I wouldn't let that woman push me around like that. That's not chivalry, it's being abused. I had the same problem with my sister once. She took hold of something I had in my hands and demanded that I let go, initiating a battle of wills.

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WTV Honeypot
WTV Honeypot 5 months ago (edited)

Who gave women a platform & podium to speak upon? Africa? Asia? Central or South America? nope. White men from White countries gave women a voice, gave them equal rights, voting rights, a place in business & politics... all promoted by the Jew. Those women have taken the privilege & used it against the men that gave it to them. Meanwhile.... Latinos, Niggers, Asians, Arabics, & every other mud race 3rd world scab beats, rapes & enslaves it's women. They grow, we decline.

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

Time to take it back.

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