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Study confirms migrants suck welfare dry

Published on 13 May 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

Study confirms migrants suck welfare dry
⁣WND TV interviews Jason Richwine, conservative public-policy analyst and commentator, about how much illegal immigrants take in welfare.

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Raymo1 5 months ago

You had to do a study to figure this out? I been saying for yrs, migrants are the new niggers. Soon american niggers will be denied welfare to feed the migrants. The kikes want everyone born with god given rights, dead. The migrants will be their slaves.

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RedLady 5 months ago

I don't know where he obtained his statistics to arrive at the $6,200 for natives is inaccurate. Despite some media claims that illegals don't receive any benefits with the exception of Medicaid, they are eligible for dozens of food programs, free education, and many other State funded options for support. Consider Medicaid alone and you have thousands of dollars spent each year because hospitals are where they get their care and ER costs are significantly higher than being seen in a doctor's office. We are being drained dry by all welfare costs.

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TSOSWBEX77 5 months ago

Those non white hordes divest 10 times more than they invest !!

Don't believe me ???

Just look at the 3rd world shitholes , they are being flushed out of , by the fake ass jews !!!

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Raymo1 5 months ago

Yep. The destabilization of those shit holes is intentional.

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TSOSWBEX77 5 months ago

@Raymo1: Their problem is genetic , not political !

All fake ass jews :
subhuman apes -
sand niggers -
filthy damn asians -
himalayan mongolian apes -
wetbacks -

are non homogenous genetic mongrels and cannot even be scientifically classified as a :

breed -
species -
people -
human -
civil -
much less a Race !!

All of them are sex predatious parasites and vampires , by instinct - nature and DNA.

They have no Spirit of Yahweh and have no ability to build their own civilization ; or the ability to maintain it .

Their modus-operandi is :

divest -
parasite -
tear down -
breed uncontrollably -
arson -
steal -
gang rape white girls and women -
abduct white children and women -
drug dealers -
pimps -
street whores and niggers -
identity thives :{ whitey is always the victim }: -
cannibals -
looters -
rioters -
communists -
violent armed robbers of convenient / liquor / dollar stores and banks -
car jackers -
violent subhuman filth , that brutally attack and murder white children / adults / elderly -
destroyers of white nations and their own -
mass murderers of white's -

The evidence to these facts , are visible and can be easily confirmed and verified via intenet and any library .

Death !!

To all : FAJ / SOS / GOG / MAGOG !!

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TinyCow 5 months ago

ohhhh that was some sneaky shit. Show a white guy and say "4,400 for natives". Try again asshole; NIGGERS cost over $10,000 a year per person and whites actually give a net positive of well over $2,000 per person. if you average the native niggers, "legal" spics, and whites, then sure, the "natives" cost $4,400 each, but then separate whites from that group and show a picture of who is causing that average deficit.

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happyapple4 5 months ago

The US govt has and continues to suck the American people dry. It gives nothing back. It's a freemasonic criminal cabal. Go home migrants. The people don't want you but the elites do as working stiffs.

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