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Summer and Crossbows - Song of the Russian National Socialist Wagner mercenary group

Published on 17 Apr 2022 / In Music


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DouglasMuller 2 months ago

Sounds and looks like kadyraz Chechnyan (the music) I like most of your content i keep hearing about this group and have seen no verification as to who the hell they are but have seen many of their more gruesome (sledge hammers to the heads of living people, limbs cut off, etcetc) and I do not consider these behaviors to be national socialist at all and how in high heel wearing putins ussr i mean repubkiked russian federation is any organized NS group going to be able to make money as mercenarys anywhere? and further isnt the behavior of mercenary in opposition to the very core of what National Socialism is? Did Adolf hitler not ban war profiteering?

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Bobdoblin 18 days ago

Putin funds this jew mercenary army. They are as far from NS as you can get. They trade IDF soldiers between Wagner and fake far right groups like right sector and azov. Jew mercenarys to fight battles no self respecting slav or aryan white man would. So tired of this shit in our space promoting fake ass neo nazi jew idf Kremlin propaganda

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