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Swarm of niggers Attack White Man in London

Published on 26 Jun 2022 / In Niggers


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happyapple4 1 month ago

Looks like somewhere in Africa. Those blacks cannot wait to let their savagery out: setting people on fire, 5 attacking and killing 1. Do they have any gratitude for being let into a society that is not their own?

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Iluvhitler70 1 month ago

Niggers TRULY ARE no different than wild animals. It's never one on one. They always gang up in packs on Whites. Those niggers should be thrown into pits and sprayed with a flame thrower until nothing left but burnt black crisps.

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RossdeB 1 month ago

I agree with the first part but the St Petersburg to the Bering straits High-Speed railway needs to be built (via Arkangel etc).

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hombre80 1 month ago

The English police will probably charge the White guy for getting blood on the scumbags boots.

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RossdeB 1 month ago

Probably; it was just a brief enquiry from one of them.

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TruthSeeker16 1 month ago

Typical coward niggers ganging up on one guy.

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Jailer 2 months ago

Cops, "should we arrest the rapeugee attack apes attacking that local white man?

No, because then they would stop attacking and raping, disperse the locusts into the peaceful populace!"

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