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Swastika (1973)

Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

⁣When Swastika was shown at the 1973 Cannes film festival, fights broke out and somebody threw part of a chair at the screen. All hell broke loose, says the film Australian-born, Los Angeles-based director Phillipe Mora. There were eruptions all through the theatre.

Finally they stopped the film and a French guy came out, looking like a head waiter and said, Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Cannes film festival, not a beer hall. The cause of the ruckus was, primarily, that the film appeared to humanise Adolf Hitler and his inner circle.

Never-seen-before colour footage, shot mostly by Hitler mistress Eva Braun, showed the personification of evil cuddling his dog, playing with children and discussing Gone With The Wind.

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