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Published on 23 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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K43K98 2 months ago

I reject hip hop and techno in the NS community. It makes no fucking sense!!!

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hocuspocusfocus 2 months ago (edited)

From Southern Nationalist

"Hitler had created a new monetary system for the Germans, called the Labor Treasury Note. He had outlawed usury, by punishment of death, and created a new Deutschmark that was backed only by productive German physical and intellectual labor. His method cut out the cancerous,international banking cabal, and was also the blueprint for shattering the NWO. The Rothschild cabal was about to be out on their asses, in more countries than just Germany. They had to burn Germany from end to end to stop this financial revolution from taking root on an international scale, because the world was watching the German economy as it took off like a rocket, after the parasitic banksters were deleted from the equation. This is reason that the Holocaust lie is pushed so heavily so that the masses never know the truth of how to break free of the Jewish banking system death grip."

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hocuspocusfocus 2 months ago

"Everything that happens in the early stages of a communist revolution is happening now in the US. From rampant election fraud, to the destruction of historical monuments and the radical revision of history, to the open politicization of the military leadership, to corruption and outright lying by the media in favor of the new regime. And the final blow will be the criminalization of all political (and other) opposition to the ruling party. If you don't see this you're blind, perhaps willfully, perhaps not. But it is really happening, and at a rapid pace. These revolutions sometimes are over before you know it, and you've lost. I pray good folks will wake up to what's happening right in front of them."

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Soldier1 2 months ago

Satan took getting kicked out of heaven pretty hard, and Cain never got over being a half breed.

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