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Taliban man says "call to prayer" from atop a bombed out house, among rubble. This is the type of group identity that wins wars.

Published on 23 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

Meanwhile, allies have heavy metal blaring in their tanks while they are losing the war.

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FuriousGeorge 2 years ago

Round up the United states Teachers Union, drop them off here, tell them it's Tucson Arizona.

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momento 2 years ago

Agree. They are commie scum and focus on victimhood of every scumbag minority. Let them get soome reality in Kabul.

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Nomadcommunist 2 years ago (edited)

the war wasnt meant to be won by anyone. that's why it was two groups being played off of each other. it was meant by the international jew who profited and benefited from it to go on indefinitely.

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GHREM 2 years ago

True Grit

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2 years ago (edited)

Those nightgowns have got to be cumbersome.

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NewWorldEbola 2 years ago

pointless monkey faggotry

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