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TeamWhite 2021 No 4: Rittenhouse & other sham trials & S.Africa's Great Traitor FW De Klerk DIES!

Published on 02 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Alex Linder was at his finest in this show.

This was recorded on 18th November 2021. Alex gave updates on a lot of important trials underway. We discussed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and then the very important Charlottesville trial where Richard Spencer and Cantwell are fighting for their lives, along with some others. It seems Richard Spencer has taken some serious beatings in life and even financially. Cantwell is actually doing a marvellous job fighting back.

Alex and I discuss the Jewish involvement in these trials.

I discuss the recent death, on 11th November 2021, of South Africa's GREAT TRAITOR, FW De Klerk. I talk about my discussions with President PW Botha who preceded FW and was ousted by the dirty duo, FW De Klerk and Pik Botha. We discuss the possibility that FW had his wife Marike murdered. I tell of PW Botha's statements that a Jewish organisation paid FW De Klerk to hand over the country to the Blacks.

We had a lively discussion and will be back on the air soon.

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Eckhart 1 month ago

This will upset me but Jan either doesn't know about psyops or well you know. On his site he praises all the psyops operations like brevik etc.. I hope am wrong I really do.
Plus av seen photos with some bad people (I think national bolshvik) really hope not, been listening to Jan for ages and he's great to listen too. I remember I was going through a hard time and lied back and listened to his Angolan war audiobook for hours. It was so well read.

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8thWonders 2 months ago

There's a Boer guy who thinks you're a "shill". He's mentioned this to NordLux.

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shane127 2 months ago

write in house is a jew

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apekillerXXX 2 months ago

That so called rittenhouse was a psyop ! That pig faced thug was appointed by it's fake ass jew kingpins , to parade on the streets of Kenosha. The thug is a freemason ; and or it's so called father is a mason. That pig face thug :( getting payed tens of millions of dollars by it's f.....g FAJ / SOS kingpins ): was hired to stage the shooting of 2 child molesting fake ass jews . Why ?? Because it was a get out of jail free card for those 2 POS ! Those FAJs never died , it's all fake / staged ! Those 2 POS will get new IDs and relocate in shitrael ; or another White State / Country ; so they can do what all kikes do to White children aka rape - molest - torture - mutilate - cannibalize and murder them !!! Also ; look at the real injustice of a court case , down in Georgia . Those 3 White males are the real victims and were railroaded by the babylonian talmudic tribunal and sentenced to life in prison , for defending themselves , their people and their neighborhood from subhuman predatory f.....g niggers !! They did nothing wrong ! That POS rittenhouse is to blame for this and the White people being mass murdered by another f....g spear chukin ape in Waukesha Wisconsin , in the Thanks Giving Parade . Those f......g kikes have unleashed those niggers on every White person - our residences - businesses - schools - churches - universities - places of recreation and entertainment etc. They will soon be exterminated as prophesied. Obadiah 1:15-18 - Micah 4:13.

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