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Published on 28 May 2018 / In People & Blogs

From his birth and early life, throughout his WW1 exploits and into his early political career.

Little is said of Hitler's earlier years before World War 1 so here it is. He was born in a small village in Austria on the borders of Austria and Germany. He was a chorister as a child in the local church and wanted to become a great artist or architect. He followed his dream to Vienna and applied to enrol at the fine arts college there. After being refused entry twice he became a drifter. He became interested in the National Socialist Party in the early years and was keen to fight the Communists trying to take over Germany in the early 1900's before WW1.

World War I was nearing and he applied to the German Kaiser to join his Private Guard. He then was rewarded for bravery, commissioned to the rank of Corporal and won numerous other medals of valour.

After the War he decided to try to overthrow the Government which was full of Communists. His coup was almost successful but he was over confident and was arrested and was tried for treason which he pleaded guilty to. Treason held the death penalty but he plead his case in the courts and was sentenced to 5 years jail.

In jail he then wrote Mein Kampf, which became a worldwide best-seller far after the War, even though it was banned in most countries. He came out of jail even more popular than before and decided to then go into politics properly.

Many people ask how such a Man could rise to power. To understand this you need to know what happened. To understand World War I you need to go further back in history.

Adolf Hitler was in hospital recovering from a gassing in the trenches when World War I ended. He heard the Kaiser had abdicated and then the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler was ‘born' that very moment in time. If you want to know his motivations, look up the Treaty of Versailles.

Please note corrections:

*Adolf Hitler was the 55th party member and not the seventh.

**The grave of his parents no longer have a monument headstone as it has been removed by officials since this documentary was made

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