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The Agenda For World Domination Is Real

Published on 09 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Of late people wonder if "someone" is trying to take over the world using the COVID 19 scam as a tool to do so. Tom DeWeese has for many years been investigating and outing those who want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and submerge us in the muddy waters of "World Government".

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Sibbeloth 1 year ago

Spoiler alert: it's the jews who are responsible and they will be offered up to the world by the false jews who's prophecy requires the entire world hate the jews. The logical response will be for all jews to "return" (Aliyah) to israel where the false jews will give the jews an ultimatum to renounce their faith or be pushed outside the wall where thousands of angry goyim await them.

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Soldiergoy 1 year ago

The Globalist. The WHO. The Elite the JEW!!!

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