The American Descent into Chaos

Published on 13 Sep 2020 / In Video Vault

Video by Vertigo Politix

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TomasBoarman 2 years ago

About 45 years ago, my gpa used to say " Nuke the whole goddamn thing ( dc) and anyone who doesnt like it; put them against the wall".
This sounded a little extreme at the time, and my family would say " dont listen to that, hes just angry"
He had a damn good reason to be angry and even talked about how " they" were coming after families and children.
Wish we wouldve nuked that shithole and " put them to the wall"
Maybe Im the crazy angry old man now, but just like my gpa, its for very good reasons.
Its going to have to be a " bloody affair" as was coined b4 our last " civil war" to even regain our rightful place.
It didnt have to happen, and that is the worst of it.

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PFAER 2 years ago

I remember watching the images of that assault on TV. One of my first blackpills, we had almost no niggers here at that time, now we're flooded daily.

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drutsohg 2 years ago

I am engaging in white flight right now. It didn't used to be like this. I guarantee I will have no problem in the new place because it is very far out away from anything

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