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The American Mercury On The Leo Frank Trial Closing Arguments Of Solicitor Dorsey Part Two

Leo Frank
Published on 21 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣In this part of the Trial, where Solicitor Dorsey continues on with the closing arguments, he points out that there is perjury in the case as Leo Frank exposes himself as the main culprit by "betraying nervousness". That is because Leo Frank is being shown by the prosecutor as a mentally fit and very capable young man that is able to execute everyday tasks with ease. Dorsey exposes the holes in Leo Frank's narrative and apparent contradiction when it is shown that Leo Frank wired a telegram to a fellow Jew by the name of Adolph Montag informing him ahead of time that the body of the factory girl would be found in the cellar of the pencil factory rather than the main premises of the building as had been suggested in the newspapers. He shows foreknowledge of where the body was placed ahead of time thereby exposing his guilty-ridden conscience.

He further shows his anticipation that police will solve it and makes his guilt transparent when he displays foreknowledge of what will happen to him. He states "I am all right, in case my uncle asks" indicating that he will be the prime suspect in the incident since all evidence pointed towards him. Furthermore, the Solicitor points out that the legal team that was handling the case would be bribing or keeping pressure on the police not to reveal the gory details that would point to Leo Max Frank as being the perpetrator of the crime. He mentions Pinkerton detective Harry Scott who was connected to other police officers like John R. Black and Atlanta police Sargeant Starnes. Frank's lawyer Rosser suppress evidence that would implicate his client. Not only that, Frank is accused of planting fake evidence that would distract potential investigators and prosecutors from focusing on him and investigate Newt Lee and Jim Conley instead.

Frank's lawyers may argue that perjury occurred and the evidence was circumstantial against Frank but Dorsey claimed that if the evidence is solid and it matches the timing and events whereas against the other accused individuals like Newt Lee, Jim Conley, and Gantt, it was extremely weak.

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