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The Annual Chicken Sacrifice in NYC

Published on 08 Mar 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

Jewish Talmud

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TheEvilWhite 6 months ago

The great desert demon, Moloch demands blood and it's only fair his loving children obey. The filth and the smell must be nauseating, but then again it always is around Jews.

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cracker 6 months ago

Jews are as pleasant as they are physically attractive.

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anomaly 6 months ago

They're not even going to eat them? Also, why do you need to "put your sins onto the animal" and then sacrifice it? What kind of fucked up shit have you degenerates been up to? Raping, torturing, killing people, children, etc. So, in order to "cleanse" yourself of this "sin" you must kill a bunch of chickens for no reason and not even eat them? That's just way more sin. If you were eating the damn things then I suppose you could say whatever stupid bullshit "abra cadabra" type idiocy beforehand and fulfill 2 things at once.

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6 months ago

Burn in Hell!

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