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The Anti-Jew Has Two Faces (Studies in Anti-Jewology)

Published on 16 Sep 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣End of Days 906

The Glorious Logs of the Prophet Salamandren (peace be upon him)

Season Four, Episode Eighty-Seven

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SomeGuy 3 months ago

While an earlier society may have preceded them in adopting eugenics into their very culture (after a fashion), the first culture I read of doing this was the Spartans. From one perspective, one present culture on earth has embraced eugenics as a consequence of the much smaller gene pool from which to choose a mate . I don't know if you've ever shook hands with an Amish teen, but I was astounded at the strength present in the handshake grip. That has a lot to do with lifestyle as well, but I'm convinced the Amish way of living has likely bred out problems or deficiencies (?) more common to other societies. If its the choice of a culture or community, why should anyone else complain? When we're talking about elected prostitutes having the power to impose it on or weaponize it against society, no thanks.
Your content is cogent and thought-provoking. Glad I found this channel.

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mikaowx3 3 months ago (edited)

Several years ago someone showed me a clip in which they were talking about one of Theodore Hertzl's book. He was conteplating of the preservation of jewish identity and the possibilities for the survival the tribe.
Since they concocted the ideas in the scriptures the rabbis wrote in the name of a god; "everywhere you go you will be despised." meaning the israelites would be. This clearly shows they were and are much aware of the consequences of their actions. The talmud says "if the goyim would ever realize what we are up to they woud openly kill us" (maybe the words are incorrect) but you get the picture.
So Hertzl was pondering over what would happen in a scenario when some other forces who realized there's no other way to stop jews decided to exterminate the jews and he fantacized that even if aliens succeeded to kill off half of the jews worldwide the jews would rise from their ashes due to their strong identities and egos and they would start to kvetch and wheep demanding reparations, protection and rights vehemently. They would go underground for a while and re emerge strong and organized, taking ruthless vengence. So he basically said and he was bragging that jews are invincible and indestructible. They're kind of paranoid about one day someone would put an end to jewishness. Hertzl didn't know there might be selective biological weapons in the future. This could also be the reason getting ppl acclimatized to global vaccination scenarios. Their paranoia driven agendas... they may take the first step.

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