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The Anti-Jew Takes a Holiday (6)

Published on 24 Jul 2021 / In Jewish Question

⁣Song "Ain't Got No Buzzards" by Salamandren

I ain't got no baby layin' in my bed. / I don't love nobody. I may as well be dead. / I ain't got no money that wasn't handed to me. / And I ain't never loved a woman who didn't learn to hate me. / I don't want nobody. And don't nobody want me. / No ten-penny redneck woman gonna make a red-nickel fool out o' me. / Ain't got no buzzards roostin' round my door, / sniffin' out my chicken from underneath my floor. / I ain't got no baby to call my own. / Ain't got no lover. I'm all alone. / Ain't got no pillow to lay my head. / I only got this guitar. It's cold as death.

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mics972 2 months ago

Sal Amandren - To a Little Bird

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