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The Battle of Blood River

Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In History

⁣The story of how the Boer Nation was established.
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The Boeric Covenant — The Day of the Vow + Boer Jack Speech
The Day of the Vow, the day a Covenant initiated by Man was made with God, in South Africa; for the slaughter of the Zulu by the hands of the Boer. [ https://christianaryanism.word....press.com/2021/03/05 ]

God made his position on these black savages clear 182 years ago when he had so many of them killed that the South African river literally ran red with their blood. God did not have the Boers forgive them, pray to them, hold hands with them, make peace with them; so why are your leaders?

Leaders who hold their people back from the fight and call for peace with your enemies are with them, not with you.

Nearly 200 years on and the South African rivers grow thirsty.. for both the blood of the black savages and those who aid them.

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