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The Bear and The Dragon by Tom Clancy (2000) [Part 4] πŸ“šπŸŽ§

Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In Audiobooks

⁣The Bear and the Dragon is a techno-thriller novel, written by Tom
Clancy and released on August 21, 2000. A direct sequel to Executive
Orders (1996), President Jack Ryan deals with a war between Russiaand
China, referred respectively in the title as the Russian Bear and the
Chinese Dragon. At over 1,028 pages, it is Clancy's longest novel. The
book debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list.


⁣The United States government
Jack Ryan: President of the United States
Robby Jackson: Vice President of the United States
Scott Adler: Secretary of state
Tony Bretano: Secretary of defense
Arnie van Damm: President Ryan's chief of staff
George Winston: Secretary of the treasury
Ben Goodley: National Security Advisor to President Ryan
Cliff Rutledge II: Assistant secretary of state for policy
The Central Intelligence Agency
Ed Foley: Director of Central Intelligence
Mary Pat Foley: Deputy Director (Operations)
Chet Nomura: CIA field officer working in China, covered as an electronics salesman
The United States military
Admiral Bart Mancuso: Commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC)
Major General Marion Diggs: Commander of the 1st Armored Division
Dick Boyle: Commander of the Aviation Brigade attached to 1st Armored Division
Bronco Winters: United States Air Force captain and F-15C pilot
General Mickey Moore: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

John Clark: Commander of Rainbow

Domingo "Ding" Chavez: Squad leader of Team 2

Ettore "Hector" Falcone: Team 2 member, former Italian Carabinieri officer

Sergey Golovko: Chairman of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Gennady Bondarenko: Commander in chief of armed forces in the Far East

Eduard Grushavoy: President of Russia

Yuri Kirillin: Chief of Russian special forces, or Spetsnaz

Oleg Provalov: Police officer based in Moscow

Ivanovich Suvorov (Ivan Yurievich Koniev): Former Committee for State
Security (KGB) lieutenant colonel hired by the Chinese to assassinate
Golovko and later Grushavoy

Gregoriy Avseyenko (Rasputin): Former KGB agent turned pimp who was killed by an RPG attack meant for Golovko

Pavel Petrovich Gogol: Former sniper in the Red Army during World War II

Fang Gan: Minister without portfolio

Zhang Han San: Minister without portfolio

Xu Kun Piao: General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party

Luo Cong: Defense minister and head of the People's Liberation Army

Peng Xi-Wang: Commander of the Red Banner 34th Shock Army

Yu Fa An: Baptist minister of Chinese descent

Ming: Secretary to Fang Gan and Nomura's asset (codename SONGBIRD)
after unknowingly installing a program on her computer that downloads
her superior's diary entries to the CIA

Yang Lien-Hua: Yu Fa An's parishioner who had an unauthorized pregnancy
Other characters

Cathy Ryan: First Lady of the United States

Mark Gant: Secretary Winston's aide

Gregory: Junior vice president of TRW, later recruited by Secretary
Bretano to investigate the feasibility of upgrading the Aegis Ballistic
Missile Defense System to deal with Chinese intercontinental missiles

Mike Reilly: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent assigned to Moscow, specializing in organized crime

Renato Cardinal DiMilo: Papal Nuncio to China

Reverend Gerry Patterson: Baptist pastor based in Jackson, Mississippi, Yu Fa An's friend
Reverend Doctor Hosiah Jackson: Baptist minister and Vice President Jackson's father

Barry Wise: CNN correspondent

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