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WhiteNight 2 months ago

Boon Airplane

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Soldier1 5 months ago

This is incredible. These people are so stupid. And still they blame the whites.

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DOOR44 9 months ago

remember seeing this as a kid. I thought it could be staged. they wouldn't really give a shit. they have things to do unless they drop some food.

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iamfjk 10 months ago

I found out 2-3 years ago , that f....g obama-bootlip was using ups 747s to fly / smuggle subhuman somalian apes into the U.S and into Philadelphia / Chicago , then the fake azz jews distributed those goddam....d apes to Minneapolis and other midwestern cities. Those flights , stacked full of goddam....d niggers were going on 24/7 . Minneapolis is destroyed because of those f...g niggers and their fake azz jew kingpins !! Yahweh will soon exterminate every last one of those SOS and their global armies of spear chuckin apes - wetbacks - sand niggers - asians and mongoloids !!

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Fuck_all_jews 10 months ago

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